Report on the Khyreen Empire

[Commander’s eyes only.]

Inital notes on the Khyreen empire.
Rajhani Chandrasekar, Maxwell Draper, Joan Napier, and Thomas Gottlieb


It is my pleasure to report that we have made great strides in decoding some of the data contained in the wreckage of XTC-ROS/NM-02. While most of the databanks were thoroughly slagged, and there have been some compatibility issues, we have managed to retrieve quite a bit of information. While there are no blueprints or technological data, we have managed to find and translate quite a bit of information on sociology. In fact, the data was almost suspiciously easy to retrieve, almost as if someone or something wanted it to be found. However, we can only speculate as to why that would be, and have no conclusive evidence one way or the other.

It should also be noted that this data was easy to translate as the pilot of the craft had already set up sophisticated translation algorithms from their native language into English. As to what this means, again, we can only speculate, but it certainly implies long-term study of our language and possibly social structures.

Main report:

In conjunction with the admittedly sparse data already retrieved from XTC-ROS/NM-01, we have now established that both of the crashed craft belongs to a species called Khireans. The homeworld of the Khireans ( a word which is best translated to “The thinking ones” ) is, as near as can be determined, an earth-like planet with comparable climate, gravity and orbit to Earth itself, located much closer to the galactic center than our own, though precise coordinates are impossible to determine.

Khirean civilization, compared to Earth’s, is about 10.000 years old, during which time the species has undergone several periods of internal strife before settling at the current, more stable, social configuration. It is presumed that the Khireans in their early history were much like humans in both behaviour, biology and social organization, but at some point approximately 3.000 years ago, their society underwent a great change with the perfection of highly advanced cloning and gene-sequencing technologies. Gradually, over the course of some 500 years, the Khyreen caste ( translated as “Philosopher” or possibly “One who reasons clearly” ) instituted a number of reforms to end a period of social upheaval, possibly driven in part by the response to the cloning- and gene-sequencing technologies mentioned earlier.

While we have no details, it seems that it was at this time that the species eliminated natural reproduction, the Khyreen apparently reasoning that strong, emotional ties or expressions were the primary cause of many of their ills. What began primarily as medical cloning grew into artificial reproduction as more and more citizens were conceived and nourished in artificial rather than biological wombs. In broad strokes, then, these advances led to a fundamental restructuring of Khirean society, as it lowered the bar for eliminating ‘undesirable’ tendencies among the populace; the new techniques eliminated practically every hereditary disease, and citizens could be ‘tailored’ for broad roles such as scientist, warrior, merchant, worker or leader. However, rather than implement a total stratification of their society, the Khyreen expanded their ranks, including the newly ‘enhanced’ members of their species into their ranks. Soon, every Khirean could call themselves Khyreen, and this became the new nomenclature under which they were known.

Khirean/Khyreen society today seems by all accounts to be a highly static one. Citizens are born from artificial wombs with a clearly determined ‘role’ in society assigned to them, and their education and later course in life does not deviate from the broad strokes of the role determined for them at birth. While there seems to be some variation ( a ‘scientist’ may become an engineer, physicist, biologist, etc. ), this variation in within the ‘Caste’ chosen for them. At present , we have determined some 182 different such ‘Castes’, mainly from reference, but we can infer at least ten times as many from the data we’ve been able to retrieve.

The stability of this system has allowed the Khyreen to expand an already impressive empire to quite stunning degree. While most of the data is irretrievably corrupted, including, sadly, the precise location of their homeworld relative to Earth, references are made to upwards of 1100 worlds under Khyreen management. Some of these worlds harbour indigenous, sentient and sapient lifeforms of their own, and the standard Khyreen procedure in such cases is apparently to relegate them to second-class citizens ( at best ) under a colonial regime. While the Khyreen do not seem to actively oppress their subjects as such, they do strike down any opposition harshly, and have by all accounts become very good at it.

One last, curious note is a reference to so-called ‘atavisms’ in the system. While it’s impossible to determine precisely how, given the limited data we’re working with, it seems that sometimes the cloning and resequencing process used in the reproduction of the species encounters ‘errors’ or mutations, resulting in a person much closer to the ‘original’ state of the Khireans, before the supremacy and reforms of the Khyreen. While it’s impossible to be precise, what information we have been able to retrieve seems to suggest that these individuals are very rare, as few as one in two hundred million, and possibly even rarer. Assuming a homeworld population of 10 billion, this would mean that there would be 50 such ‘atavisms’. The policy towards such individuals would appear to be, from what we can determine, either executions ( in the more extreme cases ), to exile (voluntary or involuntary ). The first inclination, however, is reform and monitoring. If the aberrant individual can and shows willingness to conform to the needs of the state, they are simply monitored, and otherwise allowed to remain a part of Khyreen society.

Conclusion and recommendations:

The Khyreen are, as best as we can determine, an expansionist colonial power on an interstellar scale, with ambitions of total domination in what they see as their sphere of influence, and a societal organization that can only be described as totalitarian and borderline ( if not fully ) fascistic in human terms. It’s not inconcievable that they would consider Earth a ripe target for a colonial venture, if they were aware of us. However, despite the two craft we have recovered to date, it seems that they are thus far unaware of our existence, though this is far from a certainty.

The lack of a body in the wreckage of XTC-ROS/NM-02 as opposed to XTC-ROS/NM-01, would indicate that the pilot of the pilot of 02 is still alive, and possibly in hiding here on Earth. If so, every effort should be made to retrieve the pilot alive and unharmed for study and interrogation.

Even if we are working from incomplete data, our discoveries to date suggests that it must be assumed that the stranded pilot is a potential risk to national, as well as planetary security, and that they will make every effort to effect their own rescue from Earth, which could potentially jeopardize our way of life and existence as an independent species. It must be considered that we might face the same fate as the Native Americans did, should the Khyreen as a species be made aware of us, and thus, if a live capture cannot be accomplished, — and the hostile intent on the pilot’s part is confirmed — a confirmed kill becomes a necessity.

Report on the Khyreen Empire

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