Parker Steele

Sandy blonde hair, piercing grey eyes, slightly taller than you expected, and a gymnast's physique


Alexander_Skarsgard_06.jpgSource: Psi
Permission: Power Theme (Psionics) – 5
Permission: Peak Performer – 5

Body 2d – 5 points
Endurance 1d

Coordination 2d – 5 points (but note 30 Second Lead, below!)
Dodge 2d
Driving (Car) 1d
Stealth 1d

Sense 1d + 2wd – 40 points
Empathy 1d
Perception 1d
Scrutiny 1d

Mind 1d + 2wd – 40 points
Knowledge (Journalism) 1d
Knowledge (Psionics) 1d
Language (English) Native
Research 1d

Charm 1d + 2wd – 40 points
Lie 1d
Persuasion 1d

Command 1d + 2wd – 40 points
Interrogation 1d
Intimidation 1d
Leadership 1d
Stability 1d

Psionic Stun: 2hd (Attacks (Width+2 damage, Range), Limited Damage (Shock), Non-Physical, On Sight) – 24 points

If Parker can see you, he can put you to sleep. Forcibly.

30 Second Lead: 4d (Hyperstat (Sense), If/Then (For initiative purposes only) plus Hyperstat (Coordination), Go First +1) – 28 points

Combat precognition is marvelous for knowing where to be and what to look out for.

Perceive (Surface Thoughts (Speeding Bullet, Range), Memories (Touch Only)) 2hd – 16 points

Within 20 yards or so, Parker knows what you’re thinking. If he can touch you, he can know what you’ve known.

Immunity (Psionics) – 3hd – 18 points

A sturdy psychic shield, protecting Parker from adverse mental influence.

Base Will: 6
Loyalty: Fight the Future 3
Passion: Exposing Corruption 3


Parker Steele

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