Alex Laskaris


Archetype: Sorcerer Supreme (10)
Source: Paranormal
Permissions: Prime Specimen, Power Theme (Master of Mysticism)

Body 1d (5)
Coordination 2d (10)
Senses 3d (15)
Empathy 2d
Scrutiny 1d
Mind 3d (15) Hypermind 1wd (16)
Knowledge: Occult 1d (Hyper-Occult 2d)
Charm 2d (10)
Lie 1d
Command 3d (15) Hypercommand 1wd (16)
Stability 3d

Base Will 6
Willpower 6
Loyalty Oal’d the Gatekeeper, Guardian of the Mystic Realms (
Passion Freedom to Be; Kostya

Miracles (182)
*The Eyes of Ein Sof * 3hd (18)
Qualities: U (Perceive supernatural forces)
Useful Capacities: Range

Glamour 4d+1wd (48)
Qualities: A D U
Attack Capacities: Range.
Defends Capacities: Self
Useful Capacities: Range

As illusion power.

Calling Forth The Storm Dragon 6d (36)
Qualities: A A U
Attack Extras and Flaws: Electrocuting +1; Obvious -1 Capacities: Range
Attacks Extras and Flaws: Extra Capacity (Mass) +2; Obvious -1; Limited Damage (Stun only). Capacities: Range, Mass
Useful Extras and Flaws: Speed; Extra Capacity (Mass) +2 Obvious -1;Environmental Limitation (In Atmosphere Only) -1. Capacities: Speed, Mass

*Create Homunculi * 3hd (6)
Qualities: U (Summons Width in Minions)
Useful Extras and Flaws: Duration +2; Depleted -1 (Recharge by spending a day mixing a new batch). Capacities: Range

As Minions power.

Wards of Protection and Banishing 3hd (72)
Qualities: D U
Defends Extras and Flaws: Controlled Effect +1; Radius +2. Capacities: Range
Useful Extras and Flaws: Controlled Effect +1; Radius +2; Power Capacity (Range) +2. Capacities: Range, Mass

As Containment power.


Alexander Laskaris was born the middle child in a strict, military family – his father was a general and his mother had come from an upper-class, wealthy family, and from the beginning, he was a disappointment. While his parents had planned out his life for him – attend some prestigious college, get a degree in something Practical, join the military, have a career, get married and have children of his own. His family also had their secrets – such as the fact that they were a family of sorcerers, and he had the strongest potential out of any of them, even more use to them.

It didn’t work out that way. Potential meant nothing without the ability or motivation to use it, and he fucked up all his parents’ plans – being a mentally ill teenager with no support network doesn’t work out well for anyone, especially not in a family where depression and anxiety weren’t considered illnesses but weakness, kept bouncing in and out of hospitals and the nature of his illness not talked about in the family, didn’t get the kind of help he needed.

He dropped out of high school at sixteen and got his GED, ended up being thrown out of the house at eighteen after both that decision and his father finding out he was gay, and was disowned.

(more backstory to follow)

Alex Laskaris

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