Year Zero

Daring Tales # 1

In which any landing you can walk away from probably won't result in the War of the Worlds


On the run from the Khyreen Hierarchy, the renegade engineer Zeiss manages to not die despite crashing her stolen starship into the desert outside the city of Roswell, New Mexico. Upon her safe, if rather rapid, landing, she meets Martin “Marty” Miller, a very confused young man who invites her in for a bite to eat.

Meanwhile, a turret from her ship crashlands nearby, falling into the hands of a local man – Earnest “Deadeye” Daughton – quite literally as it grafts itself onto his arm as part of its self-repair routine.

After recovering from the initial shock of meeting an honest-to-god extraterrestrial, Marty offers her his help – but their plans are interrupted when government helicopters arrive to investigate the crash.


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